Mario Kart Tour Hack – How to get Free Rubies and Coins

Hello gamers! In front of you is best Mario Kart Tour Hack generator that you can find online right now! Finally we can proudly present you this awesome generator tool which can help you to get many Free Rubies and Free Coins. Even batter, this generator is able to inject Free Gold membership to your account for one year! I know this sounds ridicilous but after so many hours of developing working tool finally we are able to enjoy in this hack and cheat for Mario Kart Tour! Press button bellow and you will be redirected to password protected page. You will get your password to pass to Generator. Follow steps on generator page or read whole blog post bellow to find out how to hack Mario Kart Tour and get Free Rubies and Free Coins!

Mario Kart Tour Hack Generator

How to use Mario Kart Tour Hack

If you are still reading then you want to get some quick info on how to use this hack so I will try to describe your process in few words. It’s never been easier to get some Free Rubies and Free Coins. This process is so simple even five year child can complete whole steps in few minutes and now I will let you know how to do it. Your first step is already done. You are finally on best site for Mario Kart Tour Hack and now you can simply relax and enjoy because it is really hard to find working hack tools nowdays! Second step is to pass password protected page.

After you press ‘Mario Kart Tour Hack Generator’ button you will be redirected to this page where you will get you very own generated password to pass this page and get to generator. Once you insert and submit your password you will find generator page and there first thing is to connect your game account to generator. Wait couple of moment for generator to connect your account. Be sure to leave right Nintendo account email and select your region!

How to pass Human Verification

When your account is connected you can choose between three packs of Mario Kart Tour Free Rubies and Coins or you can select Gold Pass for one year! Select pack you want and press ‘Generate’ button.  At this point just wait for generating process and complete Human Verification process to prove your humanity. In an effort to combat the abuse of our service, all new users required to take part in a short verification upon their first visit. Your requested resources  will automatically released upon completion.

All you have to do to complete verification so to download 2 free apps or complete 2 offers on your device. It really depands on you, so just follow rules under every offer you choose and complete any 2 offers you want. When you are done with apps go back to your game account and check resources that you requested! I know, if this sounds so good to be true jump to generator page and make sure that this is only working Mario Kart Tour Hack generator for Free Rubies and Coins.


Mario Kart Tour Features

If you never have a chance to play Mario Kart Tour before, we suggest you to download it on Google Play if you are Android user or download it on AppStore if you are using iPhone/iPad. You can read more about features on this blog post. Also, if you are playing game first time watch some gameplays on youtube before so you can be prepared for leveling the game.

Main thing is to level-up your kart and driver. Also, you can level up your weapons and items as you can level up your glider. But first as first you will need to now how to drift. It is not that easy but you will figure it out because game prepared for you bunch of tutorials! It is easy to manipulate with controls, game using auto acceleration so all you have to do is to navigate kart in which direction you want to go, left or right.


In just few month after releasing Mario Kart Tour is already in top 10 best mobile games for 2019 year. Something like that was expected of a game that was released by a reputable game house like is Nintendo. The game has experienced exponential success despite the incredible competition it has had in the current year. In addition to names such as Call of Duty  Mobile, Wizards Unite and so on. We will continue to maintain our hack to keep our visitors happy. Thank you for reading our article. Greetings!


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